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Our Team

John Ferdinald

Born in Sri Lanka in 1979, a 15-year-old chef was drawn to his mother’s kitchen where he helped her bake a variety of delicious cakes. It was this experience that fueled his passion in the field, inspiring him to eventually pursue a Diploma in Culinary Management entailing three years of full-time study. Upon completion, Chef John shared his culinary talent all over the world working in several 5-star hotels.

In the year 2000, he chose Canada as his new home, where he then gained significant experience in event catering through his work with several high-end catering companies. During this time, Chef John catered over 1000 high-end occasions. A decade later, he had gained enough industry knowledge to establish his own company, Vanilla Ën Glaze. He specializes in pastries and cakes with his refined and distinctive skill set in this area. Chef John received his training from the world-renowned chef, Jean-Pierre Pialler, who then certified Chef John as one his most esteemed high-end chef. When Chef Jean-Pierre opened his own restaurant in Canada, Le Palace, which is a fine-dining French Cuisine, he offered Chef John an offer to join him in Canada. Chef John accepted the position of Executive Chef in the Le Palace kitchen.

As a chef of natural talent, his passion and dedication to the art of his field is exhibited often. He regularly visits gardens where he hand selects the finest fruits for his cakes and pastries. Moreover, John is a chef of many accolades, having participated in numerous competitions and winning over a dozen medals and awards. Among these awards is his achievement of Culinary Artist of the year on 1999. To date, Chef John has personally trained many apprentices and Canadian Certified Chef de cuisine studies at his bakery.