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Our sweets

new glass dessert

blueberry white
chocolate mouse

peach and
cream shot

mix berry compote
vanilla bean bavaroise

ice wine wild blueberry vanilla yogurt, crème bavaroise, white chocolate crumble, golden blueberry and mint sprouts

lime mousse, passion fruit cream with basil seed gelée, crispy meringue and purple lemon balm

buttermilk vanilla bean panacotta, rhubarb strawberry confit, whipped Ontario chèvre, fresh berries, raspberry macaroons, orange segment, and micro lemon balm

peach & cream trifles, sour cherry compote, crispy chocolate biscotti and real whipped cream

orange strawberry white mousse, kumquat compote, plum jelly, real whipped cream and fresh strawberry halves

dark/milk/white mousse, with cookies butter and dolce de leche, salted caramel pearl

chocolate dolce de
leche parfait

new mini pastry


cookie chunks
white mousse

Matcha chiffon cake

orio cookies & cream

salted caramel brownies

double fudge brownie

chocolate mud pie tart

butter scotch pecan tart

lemon meringue tart

espresso truffle brownies

lemon squares

blueberry white chocolate cake

red velvet cake

new plated dessert and cake

summer grilled fruit with brown sugar crisp, wow better cream, and all spiced black berry coulis

grand marnier bitter sweet chocolate truffle, caramelized orange segment and kumquat compote

vanilla crème brulée popsicle coated white chocolate ganache with saskatoon berry & mango passion fruit compote

espresso chocolate opera cake with toasted almond genoise, summer berries with pineapple caviar

flourless chocolate cake with french vanilla frozen yogurt, crispy meringue, with fresh orange segment

passion fruit mango charlotte, passion fruit gelée, with crushed french macaroons

apple galette cake, baked apple, salted caramel ice-cream with sweet pickle blueberry

lemon chocolate mousse bomb with crispy meringue and berry coulis

raspberry vacherin with crisp french meringue on a white chocolate sphere

poached apple custard flan, vanilla ice-cream, oats crisp, with dolce de leche

chocolate soil tiramisu pot micro lemon balm, deep-fried Smores chocolate bar, exotic fruit, with chocolate soil and crushed meringue flowerless

flowerless chewy brownies, black current compote with kumquat and crispy meringue

toffee chocolate ganache flan

grilled peach & crème trifle on a white chocolate sphere with vanilla bean crème fraîche and pistachio praline

pistachio mango gâteaux with almond genoise and pistachio crumble toffee chocolate ganache flan

flowerless chewy brownies, black current compote with kumquat and crispy meringue

famers style fresh strawberry short cake

whipped mascarpone & cream cheese frosted fluffy red velvet cake

all spiced dolce de leche carrot cake with pineapple, and raisins

red current semisweet chocolate mirror

salted caramel nitro pop corn gâteau

espresso milk chocolate whoopie pie cake

butter popcorn crunch white chocolate crème

lemon poppy seed charlottes

sour cherry domino

ice wine strawberry rhubarb mirror

fresh orange brulée flan

passion fruit chocolate bar