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Chef John

Chef John Ferdinald

Born in Sri Lanka in 1979, this budding chef at 15 years old was drawn to his mother’s kitchen where he helped her prepare, cook and bake a variety of delicious food.  It was this experience that fueled his passion, inspiring him to eventually pursue a Diploma in Culinary Management entailing three years of full-time study at the Claremont Culinary School in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Upon completion, Chef John shared his culinary talent all over the world working in several 5 star hotels. He received his training from the world-renowned chef, Jean-Pierre Pialler, who certified Chef John as one of his most esteemed high-end chef.  When Chef Jean-Pierre opened his own restaurant in Canada, Le Palace, specializing in fine-dining French cuisine, he invited Chef John to join him in Canada.  In 2000, Chef John chose Canada as his new home, and became Executive Chef of the Le Palace restaurant.  He also gained significant experience in event catering through his work with several high-end catering companies where he catered over 1000 high-end occasions.

John is a chef of many accolades, having participated in numerous competitions and winning over a dozen medals and awards. Among these awards, in 1999, he achieved Culinary Artist of the year.  Chef John has personally trained many apprentices and Canadian Certified Chef the cuisine.

In 2008 Chef John opened his first Bakery/ Pastry shop called “My kind of Pastry Chef”, unfortunately he lost this business which in his words: “This allowed me to learn from my mistakes and made me realize that I never lost my skills and my hope”.  Determined to pursue his dream, in 2010 he opened a wholesale pastry production enterprise called – Vanilla Ën Glaze.  In 2012, Chef John met the McEwan Group and started to expand his operation.  In 2015, he opened Le Lavande Catering and Food Service which allowed him to add a selection of savoury choices.  These enterprises resulted in a multi-million business improvement.  While servicing at a high volume the McEwan Group and the Toronto Congress Centre he happily returned to the cuisine of his motherland for the Sri Lankan community in Canada and started his exploration of a modern Sri Lankan and Canadian fusion cuisine.

He is introducing 2 recipe books; “Rustic Sri Lankan” and “Modern and Fusion is my style”.  Chef John Ferdinald will be the first Sri Lankan/Canadian Celebrity Chef featuring this fusion cuisine.  His future dream is to open in 2018 a High Casual Dining restaurant in the financial district of Toronto for everyone to enjoy his passion and dedication for his Sri Lankan and Canadian fusion reflected in his unique creations.